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Safe home for women

Project “Safe home for women – The space for a full life without violence “


„Supported by a grant from Norway“

„Co-financed by the State Budget of the slovak Republic“

Number of program: SK09 Number of project: DGVO01003

Number of projekt contract: 997/2014

The length of the project: 10.07.2014 – 30.04.2017

Programme field SK09: Domestic and gender-based violence

“Domov musí byť bezpečné miesto pre všetkých” – “A home must be a safe place for everybody”

” Cooperation with common values”

The amount of NFP: 507 475 €

Co-financed project: 56 386 €

The number of partners: 3 – Stifelsen Oslo Krisesenter, Glamdal Krisesenter IKS, Asociácia krízových stredísk

Purpose of project:

To establish a new home for women is main purpose of this project, which will meets the minimum European standards for the safe housing for mother with children, victims of peer, gender- based violence. Refer to wheelchair-accessible solution object. Also a clients gets comprehensive services based on the principle of victims right, participation in decision making and management, and democratic approach. The project will create 6 family posts. /for 15- 17/

Targets groups:

The most important target groups are the victims of peer violence and children, who witness domestic violence. The safe home for women is designed for citizens in terms of disability, belonging to minorities and other restrictions on the access to the labour market. The target audience is the general public, pointed that in the framework of the implementation of the project will be informed about the issue of domestic and gender-based violence, forms of assistance to victims of violence.

The objectives and activities of the project:

The main objective of the project is to reduce gender-based violence, therefore the project activities are planned in order to achieve this state through the creation of a safe home, the provision of basic and specialized social counselling, therapy for victims of violence, preventive activities aimed at the public, with the aim of breaking social prejudices and stereotypes relating to the status of women in society. The output of project will also include the processing of quality standards for crisis centers, in cooperation with the Association of crisis centers, strengthen mutual relations. The subject of the partnership cooperation with crisis centers in Norway is the realization of the expert meetings, workshops, extension and knowledge /methods, techniques and forms of work with the target groups, method of work/ the exchange of experience and know- how work in Slovakia and in condition project partners and last but not least to strengthen relations.

Evaluation of the project:

The safe home for women was established in August 2015. For the duration of the project, the safe house provided accomodation for 34 women and 42 children. 259 phone interventions were also provided. More than 20 000 information packages were distributed during the information campaign. Part of the project also included an exceptional international conference „Even from violence leads the save way“, which was organized under the patronage of the Norwegian ambassador J. E. Inga Magistad. Over 5 595 hours of voluntary work from our volunteers was helpful in organizing the international conference, the information campaign, the activities for children and also in the administrative part of the whole project. Another activity stemming from the project was dedicated to educating the staff of the safe house in themes that are important when working with victims of domestic violence.


Contacts on project management

Contract for the lease of property where the “Save home for women” is operated